Bible: Leviticus 25:24-28

25:24 In all your landed property 1  you must provide for the right of redemption of the land. 2 

25:25‘If your brother becomes impoverished and sells some of his property, his near redeemer is to come to you and redeem what his brother sold. 3  25:26 If a man has no redeemer, but he prospers 4  and gains enough for its redemption, 5  25:27 he is to calculate the value of the years it was sold, 6  refund the balance 7  to the man to whom he had sold it, and return to his property. 25:28 If he has not prospered enough to refund 8  a balance to him, then what he sold 9  will belong to 10  the one who bought it until the jubilee year, but it must revert 11  in the jubilee and the original owner 12  may return to his property.

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