Bible: Lev 6:1-7

Trespass by Deception and False Oath

6:1 1  Then the Lord spoke to Moses: 2  6:2 When a person sins and commits a trespass 3  against the Lord by deceiving his fellow citizen 4  in regard to something held in trust, or a pledge, or something stolen, or by extorting something from his fellow citizen, 5  6:3 or has found something lost and denies it and swears falsely 6  concerning any one of the things that someone might do to sin 7  6:4 when it happens that he sins and he is found guilty, 8  then he must return whatever he had stolen, or whatever he had extorted, or the thing that he had held in trust, 9  or the lost thing that he had found, 6:5 or anything about which he swears falsely. 10  He must restore it in full 11  and add one fifth to it; he must give it to its owner when he is found guilty. 12  6:6 Then he must bring his guilt offering to the Lord, a flawless ram from the flock, convertible into silver shekels, 13  for a guilt offering to the priest. 6:7 So the priest will make atonement 14  on his behalf before the Lord and he will be forgiven 15  for whatever he has done to become guilty.” 16 

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