Bible: Lev 23:9-14

The Presentation of First Fruits

23:9 The Lord spoke to Moses: 23:10 Speak to the Israelites and tell them, ‘When you enter the land that I am about to give to you and you gather in its harvest, 1  then you must bring the sheaf of the first portion of your harvest 2  to the priest, 23:11 and he must wave the sheaf before the Lord to be accepted for your benefit 3  – on the day after the Sabbath the priest is to wave it. 4  23:12 On the day you wave the sheaf you must also offer 5  a flawless yearling lamb 6  for a burnt offering to the Lord, 23:13 along with its grain offering, two tenths of an ephah of 7  choice wheat flour 8  mixed with olive oil, as a gift to the Lord, a soothing aroma, 9  and its drink offering, one fourth of a hin of wine. 10  23:14 You must not eat bread, roasted grain, or fresh grain until this very day, 11  until you bring the offering of your God. This is a perpetual statute throughout your generations 12  in all the places where you live.

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