Bible: Lev 1:14-17

From the Birds

1:14‘If his offering to the Lord is a burnt offering from the birds, 1  he must present his offering from the turtledoves or from the young pigeons. 2  1:15 The priest must present it at the altar, pinch off 3  its head and offer the head 4  up in smoke on the altar, and its blood must be drained out against the side of the altar. 1:16 Then the priest 5  must remove its entrails by cutting off its tail feathers, 6  and throw them 7  to the east side of the altar into the place of fatty ashes, 1:17 and tear it open by its wings without dividing it into two parts. 8  Finally, the priest must offer it up in smoke on the altar on the wood which is in the fire – it is a burnt offering, a gift of a soothing aroma to the Lord.

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