Bible: Lamentations 4:1-6

The Prophet Speaks:

4:1 א (Alef)


Alas! 2  Gold has lost its luster; 3 

pure gold loses value. 4 

Jewels 5  are scattered

on every street corner. 6 

4:2 ב (Bet)

The precious sons of Zion

were worth their weight in gold –

Alas! – but now they are treated like 7  broken clay pots,

made by a potter. 8 

4:3 ג (Gimel)

Even the jackals 9  nurse their young

at their breast, 10 

but my people 11  are cruel,

like ostriches 12  in the desert.

4:4 ד (Dalet)

The infant’s tongue sticks

to the roof of its mouth due to thirst;

little children beg for bread, 13 

but no one gives them even a morsel. 14 

4:5 ה (He)

Those who once feasted on delicacies 15 

are now starving to death 16  in the streets.

Those who grew up 17  wearing expensive clothes 18 

are now dying 19  amid garbage. 20 

4:6 ו (Vav)

The punishment 21  of my people 22 

exceeded that of 23  of Sodom,

which was overthrown in a moment

with no one to help her. 24 

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