Bible: Lamentations 3:32-39

3:32 Though he causes us 1  grief, he then has compassion on us 2 

according to the abundance of his loyal kindness. 3 

3:33 For he is not predisposed to afflict 4 

or to grieve people. 5 

3:34 ל (Lamed)

To crush underfoot

all the earth’s prisoners, 6 

3:35 to deprive a person 7  of his rights 8 

in the presence of the Most High,

3:36 to defraud a person in a lawsuit

the Lord 9  does not approve 10  of such things!

3:37 מ (Mem)

Whose command was ever fulfilled 11 

unless the Lord 12  decreed it?

3:38 Is it not from the mouth of the Most High that everything comes –

both calamity and blessing? 13 

3:39 Why should any living person 14  complain

when punished for his sins? 15 

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