Bible: Lamentations 3:19-33

3:19 ז (Zayin)

Remember 1  my impoverished and homeless condition, 2 

which is a bitter poison. 3 

3:20 I 4  continually think about 5  this,

and I 6  am depressed. 7 

3:21 But this I call 8  to mind; 9 

therefore I have hope:

3:22 ח (Khet)

The Lord’s loyal kindness 10  never ceases; 11 

his compassions 12  never end.

3:23 They are fresh 13  every morning;

your faithfulness is abundant! 14 

3:24My portion is the Lord,” I have said to myself, 15 

so I will put my hope in him.

3:25 ט (Tet)

The Lord is good to those who trust 16  in him,

to the one 17  who seeks him.

3:26 It is good to wait patiently 18 

for deliverance from the Lord. 19 

3:27 It is good for a man 20 

to bear 21  the yoke 22  while he is young. 23 

3:28 י (Yod)

Let a person 24  sit alone in silence,

when the Lord 25  is disciplining him. 26 

3:29 Let him bury his face in the dust; 27 

perhaps there is hope.

3:30 Let him offer his cheek to the one who hits him; 28 

let him have his fill of insults.

3:31 כ (Kaf)

For the Lord 29  will not

reject us forever. 30 

3:32 Though he causes us 31  grief, he then has compassion on us 32 

according to the abundance of his loyal kindness. 33 

3:33 For he is not predisposed to afflict 34 

or to grieve people. 35 

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