Bible: Lam 5


The People of Jerusalem Pray:


O Lord, reflect on 2  what has happened to us;

consider 3  and look at 4  our disgrace.

5:2 Our inheritance 5  is turned over to strangers;

foreigners now occupy our homes. 6 

5:3 We have become fatherless orphans;

our mothers have become widows.

5:4 We must pay money 7  for our own water; 8 

we must buy our own wood at a steep price. 9 

5:5 We are pursued – they are breathing down our necks; 10 

we are weary and have no rest. 11 

5:6 We have submitted 12  to Egypt and Assyria

in order to buy food to eat. 13 

5:7 Our forefathers 14  sinned and are dead, 15 

but we 16  suffer 17  their punishment. 18 

5:8 Slaves 19  rule over us;

there is no one to rescue us from their power. 20 

5:9 At the risk 21  of our lives 22  we get our food 23 

because robbers lurk 24  in the countryside. 25 

5:10 Our skin is hot as an oven

due to a fever from hunger. 26 

5:11 They raped 27  women in Zion,

virgins in the towns of Judah.

5:12 Princes were hung by their hands;

elders were mistreated. 28 

5:13 The young men perform menial labor; 29 

boys stagger from their labor. 30 

5:14 The elders are gone from the city gate;

the young men have stopped playing their music.

5:15 Our hearts no longer have any joy; 31 

our dancing is turned to mourning.

5:16 The crown has fallen from our head;

woe to us, for we have sinned!

5:17 Because of this, our hearts are sick; 32 

because of these things, we can hardly see 33  through our tears. 34 

5:18 For wild animals 35  are prowling over Mount Zion,

which lies desolate.

5:19 But you, O Lord, reign forever;

your throne endures from generation to generation.

5:20 Why do you keep on forgetting 36  us?

Why do you forsake us so long?

5:21 Bring us back to yourself, O Lord, so that we may return 37  to you;

renew our life 38  as in days before, 39 

5:22 unless 40  you have utterly rejected us 41 

and are angry with us beyond measure. 42 

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