Bible: Judges 9:34-41

9:34 So Abimelech and all his men came up 1  at night and set an ambush outside Shechem – they divided into 2  four units. 9:35 When Gaal son of Ebed came out and stood at the entrance to the city’s gate, Abimelech and his men got up from their hiding places. 9:36 Gaal saw the men 3  and said to Zebul, “Look, men are coming down from the tops of the hills.” But Zebul said to him, “You are seeing the shadows on the hills – it just looks like men.” 4  9:37 Gaal again said, “Look, men are coming down from the very center 5  of the land. A unit 6  is coming by way of the Oak Tree of the Diviners.” 7  9:38 Zebul said to him, “Where now are your bragging words, 8 Who is Abimelech that we should serve him?’ Are these not the men 9  you insulted? 10  Go out now and fight them! 9:39 So Gaal led the leaders of Shechem out 11  and fought Abimelech. 9:40 Abimelech chased him, and Gaal 12  ran from him. Many Shechemites 13  fell wounded at the entrance of the gate. 9:41 Abimelech went back 14  to Arumah; Zebul drove Gaal and his brothers out of Shechem. 15 

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