Bible: Judges 5:14-18

5:14 They came from Ephraim, who uprooted Amalek, 1 

they follow 2  after you, Benjamin, with your soldiers.

From Makir leaders came down,

from Zebulun came 3  the ones who march carrying 4  an officer’s staff.

5:15 Issachar’s leaders were with Deborah,

the men of Issachar 5  supported 6  Barak;

into the valley they were sent under Barak’s command. 7 

Among the clans of Reuben there was intense 8  heart searching. 9 

5:16 Why do you remain among the sheepfolds, 10 

listening to the shepherds playing their pipes 11  for their flocks? 12 

As for the clans of Reuben – there was intense searching of heart.

5:17 Gilead stayed put 13  beyond the Jordan River.

As for Dan – why did he seek temporary employment in the shipyards? 14 

Asher remained 15  on the seacoast,

he stayed 16  by his harbors. 17 

5:18 The men of Zebulun were not concerned about their lives; 18 

Naphtali charged on to the battlefields. 19 

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