Bible: Judges 14:10-15:2

14:10 Then Samson’s father accompanied him to Timnah for the marriage. 1  Samson hosted a party 2  there, for this was customary for bridegrooms 3  to do. 14:11 When the Philistines saw he had no attendants, they gave him thirty groomsmen who kept him company. 4  14:12 Samson said to them, “I will give you a riddle. If you really can solve it during the seven days the party lasts, 5  I will give you thirty linen robes and thirty sets 6  of clothes. 14:13 But if you cannot solve it, 7  you will give me thirty linen robes and thirty sets of clothes.” They said to him, “Let us hear your riddle.” 8  14:14 He said to them,

“Out of the one who eats came something to eat;

out of the strong one came something sweet.”

They could not solve the riddle for three days.

14:15 On the fourth 9  day they said to Samson’s bride, “Trick your husband into giving the solution to the riddle. 10  If you refuse, 11  we will burn up 12  you and your father’s family. 13  Did you invite us here 14  to make us poor? 15  14:16 So Samson’s bride cried on his shoulder 16  and said, “You must 17  hate me; you do not love me! You told the young men 18  a riddle, but you have not told me the solution.” He said to her, “Look, I have not even told my father or mother. Do you really expect me to tell you? 19  14:17 She cried on his shoulder 20  until the party was almost over. 21  Finally, on the seventh day, he told her because she had nagged him so much. 22  Then she told the young men the solution to the riddle. 23  14:18 On the seventh day, before the sun set, the men of the city said to him,

“What is sweeter than honey?

What is stronger than a lion?”

He said to them,

“If you had not plowed with my heifer, 24 

you would not have solved my riddle!

14:19 The Lord’s spirit empowered him. He went down to Ashkelon and murdered thirty men. He took their clothes 25  and gave them 26  to the men who had solved the riddle. He was furious as he went back home. 27  14:20 Samson’s bride was then given to his best man. 28 

Samson Versus the Philistines

15:1 Sometime later, during the wheat harvest, 29  Samson took a young goat as a gift and went to visit his bride. 30  He said to her father, 31  “I want to have sex with my bride in her bedroom!” 32  But her father would not let him enter. 15:2 Her father said, “I really thought 33  you absolutely despised 34  her, so I gave her to your best man. Her younger sister is more attractive than she is. Take her instead! 35 

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