Bible: Joshua 22:1-5

Joshua Sends Home the Eastern Tribes

22:1 Then Joshua summoned the Reubenites, Gadites, and the half-tribe of Manasseh 22:2 and told them: “You have carried out all the instructions of Moses the Lord’s servant, and you have obeyed all I have told you. 1  22:3 You have not abandoned your fellow Israelites 2  this entire time, 3  right up to this very day. You have completed the task given you by the Lord your God. 4  22:4 Now the Lord your God has made your fellow Israelites secure, 5  just as he promised them. So now you may turn around and go to your homes 6  in your own land 7  which Moses the Lord’s servant assigned to you east of the Jordan. 22:5 But carefully obey the commands and instructions Moses the Lord’s servant gave you. Love 8  the Lord your God, follow all his instructions, 9  obey 10  his commands, be loyal to him, 11  and serve him with all your heart and being! 12 

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