Bible: John 9:13-34

The Pharisees’ Reaction to the Healing

9:13 They brought the man who used to be blind 1  to the Pharisees. 2  9:14 (Now the day on which Jesus made the mud 3  and caused him to see 4  was a Sabbath.) 5  9:15 So the Pharisees asked him again how he had gained his sight. 6  He replied, 7 He put mud 8  on my eyes and I washed, and now 9  I am able to see.”

9:16 Then some of the Pharisees began to say, 10 This man is not from God, because he does not observe 11  the Sabbath.” 12  But others said, “How can a man who is a sinner perform 13  such miraculous signs?” Thus there was a division 14  among them. 9:17 So again they asked the man who used to be blind, 15 What do you say about him, since he caused you to see?” 16  “He is a prophet,” the man replied. 17 

9:18 Now the Jewish religious leaders 18  refused to believe 19  that he had really been blind and had gained his sight until at last they summoned 20  the parents of the man who had become able to see. 21  9:19 They asked the parents, 22 Is this your son, whom you say 23  was born blind? Then how does he now see? 9:20 So his parents replied, 24 We know that this is our son and that he was born blind. 9:21 But we do not know how he is now able to see, nor do we know who caused him to see. 25  Ask him, he is a mature adult. 26  He will speak for himself.” 9:22 (His parents said these things because they were afraid of the Jewish religious leaders. 27  For the Jewish leaders had already agreed that anyone who confessed Jesus 28  to be the Christ 29  would be put out 30  of the synagogue. 31  9:23 For this reason his parents said, “He is a mature adult, 32  ask him.”) 33 

9:24 Then they summoned 34  the man who used to be blind 35  a second time and said to him, “Promise before God to tell the truth. 36  We know that this man 37  is a sinner.” 9:25 He replied, 38 I do not know whether he is a sinner. I do know one thing – that although I was blind, now I can see.” 9:26 Then they said to him, “What did he do to you? How did he cause you to see? 39  9:27 He answered, 40 I told you already and you didn’t listen. 41  Why do you want to hear it 42  again? You people 43  don’t want to become his disciples too, do you?

9:28 They 44  heaped insults 45  on him, saying, 46 You are his disciple! 47  We are disciples of Moses! 9:29 We know that God has spoken to Moses! We do not know where this man 48  comes from! 9:30 The man replied, 49 This is a remarkable thing, 50  that you don’t know where he comes from, and yet he caused me to see! 51  9:31 We know that God doesn’t listen to 52  sinners, but if anyone is devout 53  and does his will, God 54  listens to 55  him. 56  9:32 Never before 57  has anyone heard of someone causing a man born blind to see. 58  9:33 If this man 59  were not from God, he could do nothing.” 9:34 They replied, 60 You were born completely in sinfulness, 61  and yet you presume to teach us?” 62  So they threw him out.

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