Bible: Joel 1:5-10

1:5 Wake up, you drunkards, 1  and weep!

Wail, all you wine drinkers, 2 

because the sweet wine 3  has been taken away 4  from you. 5 

1:6 For a nation 6  has invaded 7  our 8  land.

There are so many of them they are too numerous to count. 9 

Their teeth are like those 10  of a lion;

they tear apart their prey like a lioness. 11 

1:7 They 12  have destroyed our 13  vines; 14 

they have turned our 15  fig trees into mere splinters.

They have completely stripped off the bark 16  and thrown them aside;

the 17  twigs are stripped bare. 18 

A Call to Lament

1:8 Wail 19  like a young virgin 20  clothed in sackcloth,

lamenting the death of 21  her husband-to-be. 22 

1:9 No one brings grain offerings or drink offerings

to the temple 23  of the Lord anymore. 24 

So the priests, those who serve the Lord, are in mourning.

1:10 The crops of the fields 25  have been destroyed. 26 

The ground is in mourning because the grain has perished.

The fresh wine has dried up;

the olive oil languishes.

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