Bible: Job 39:19-25

39:19Do you give the horse its strength?

Do you clothe its neck with a mane? 1 

39:20 Do you make it leap 2  like a locust?

Its proud neighing 3  is terrifying!

39:21 It 4  paws the ground in the valley, 5 

exulting mightily, 6 

it goes out to meet the weapons.

39:22 It laughs at fear and is not dismayed;

it does not shy away from the sword.

39:23 On it the quiver rattles;

the lance and javelin 7  flash.

39:24 In excitement and impatience it consumes the ground; 8 

it cannot stand still 9  when the trumpet is blown.

39:25 At the sound of the trumpet, it says, ‘Aha!’

And from a distance it catches the scent of battle,

the thunderous shouting of commanders,

and the battle cries.

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