Bible: Job 23:1-7

Job’s Reply to Eliphaz 1 

23:1 Then Job answered:

23:2Even today my complaint is still bitter; 2 

his 3  hand is heavy despite 4  my groaning.

23:3 O that I knew 5  where I might find him, 6 

that I could come 7  to his place of residence! 8 

23:4 I would lay out my case 9  before him

and fill my mouth with arguments.

23:5 I would know with what words 10  he would answer me,

and understand what he would say to me.

23:6 Would he contend 11  with me with great power?

No, he would only pay attention to me. 12 

23:7 There 13  an upright person

could present his case 14  before him,

and I would be delivered forever from my judge.

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