Bible: Jeremiah 52:12-24

52:12 On the tenth 1  day of the fifth month, 2  in the nineteenth year of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, Nebuzaradan, the captain of the royal guard 3  who served 4  the king of Babylon, arrived in Jerusalem. 52:13 He burned down the Lord’s temple, the royal palace, and all the houses in Jerusalem, including every large house. 52:14 The whole Babylonian army that came with the captain of the royal guard tore down the walls that surrounded Jerusalem. 52:15 Nebuzaradan, the captain of the royal guard, took into exile some of the poor, 5  the rest of the people who remained in the city, those who had deserted to him, and the rest of the craftsmen. 52:16 But he 6  left behind some of the poor 7  and gave them fields and vineyards.

52:17 The Babylonians broke the two bronze pillars in the temple of the Lord, as well as the movable stands and the large bronze basin called the “The Sea.” 8  They took all the bronze to Babylon. 52:18 They also took the pots, shovels, 9  trimming shears, 10  basins, pans, and all the bronze utensils used by the priests. 11  52:19 The captain of the royal guard took the gold and silver bowls, censers, 12  basins, pots, lampstands, pans, and vessels. 13  52:20 The bronze of the items that King Solomon made for the Lord’s temple (including the two pillars, the large bronze basin called “The Sea,” the twelve bronze bulls under “The Sea,” and the movable stands 14 ) was too heavy to be weighed. 52:21 Each of the pillars was about 27 feet 15  high, about 18 feet 16  in circumference, three inches 17  thick, and hollow. 52:22 The bronze top of one pillar was about seven and one-half feet 18  high and had bronze latticework and pomegranate-shaped ornaments all around it. The second pillar with its pomegranate-shaped ornaments was like it. 52:23 There were ninety-six pomegranate-shaped ornaments on the sides; in all there were one hundred pomegranate-shaped ornaments over the latticework that went around it.

52:24 The captain of the royal guard took Seraiah the chief priest, Zephaniah the priest who was second in rank, and the three doorkeepers. 19 

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