Bible: Jeremiah 49:14-22

49:14 I said, 1  “I have heard a message from the Lord.

A messenger has been sent among the nations to say,

‘Gather your armies and march out against her!

Prepare to do battle with her!’ 2 

49:15 The Lord says to Edom, 3 

“I will certainly make you small among nations.

I will make you despised by all humankind.

49:16 The terror you inspire in others 4 

and the arrogance of your heart have deceived you.

You may make your home in the clefts of the rocks;

you may occupy the highest places in the hills. 5 

But even if you made your home where the eagles nest,

I would bring you down from there,”

says the Lord.

49:17Edom will become an object of horror.

All who pass by it will be filled with horror;

they will hiss out their scorn

because of all the disasters that have happened to it. 6 

49:18 Edom will be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah

and the towns that were around them.

No one will live there.

No human being will settle in it,”

says the Lord.

49:19A lion coming up from the thick undergrowth along the Jordan 7 

scatters the sheep in the pastureland around it. 8 

So too I will chase the Edomites off their land. 9 

Then I will appoint over it whomever I choose. 10 

For there is no one like me, and there is no one who can call me to account. 11 

There is no 12  ruler 13  who can stand up against me.

49:20 So listen to what I, the Lord, have planned against Edom,

what I intend to do to 14  the people who live in Teman. 15 

Their little ones will be dragged off.

I will completely destroy their land because of what they have done. 16 

49:21 The people of the earth will quake when they hear of their downfall. 17 

Their cries of anguish will be heard all the way to the Gulf of Aqaba. 18 

49:22 Look! Like an eagle with outspread wings,

a nation will soar up and swoop down on Bozrah.

At that time the soldiers of Edom will be as fearful

as a woman in labor.” 19 

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