Bible: Jeremiah 4:19-22

4:19 I said, 1 

“Oh, the feeling in the pit of my stomach! 2 

I writhe in anguish.

Oh, the pain in my heart! 3 

My heart pounds within me.

I cannot keep silent.

For I hear the sound of the trumpet; 4 

the sound of the battle cry pierces my soul! 5 

4:20 I see 6  one destruction after another taking place,

so that the whole land lies in ruins.

I see our 7  tents suddenly destroyed,

their 8  curtains torn down in a mere instant. 9 

4:21How long must I see the enemy’s battle flags

and hear the military signals of their bugles? 10 

4:22 The Lord answered, 11 

“This will happen 12  because my people are foolish.

They do not know me.

They are like children who have no sense. 13 

They have no understanding.

They are skilled at doing evil.

They do not know how to do good.”

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