Bible: Jeremiah 32:36-41

32:36You and your people 1  are right in saying, ‘War, 2  starvation, and disease are sure to make this city fall into the hands of the king of Babylon.’ 3  But now I, the Lord God of Israel, have something further to say about this city: 4  32:37 I will certainly regather my people from all the countries where I will have exiled 5  them in my anger, fury, and great wrath. I will bring them back to this place and allow them to live here in safety. 32:38 They will be my people, and I will be their God. 6  32:39 I will give them a single-minded purpose to live in a way that always shows respect for me. They will want to do that for 7  their own good and the good of the children who descend from them. 32:40 I will make a lasting covenant 8  with them that I will never stop doing good to them. 9  I will fill their hearts and minds with respect for me so that 10  they will never again turn 11  away from me. 32:41 I will take delight in doing good to them. I will faithfully and wholeheartedly plant them 12  firmly in the land.’

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