Bible: Jeremiah 31:10-18

31:10 Hear what the Lord has to say, O nations.

Proclaim it in the faraway lands along the sea.

Say, “The one who scattered Israel will regather them.

He will watch over his people like a shepherd watches over his flock.”

31:11 For the Lord will rescue the descendants of Jacob.

He will secure their release 1  from those who had overpowered them. 2 

31:12 They will come and shout for joy on Mount Zion.

They will be radiant with joy 3  over the good things the Lord provides,

the grain, the fresh wine, the olive oil,

the young sheep and calves he has given to them.

They will be like a well-watered garden

and will not grow faint or weary any more.

31:13 The Lord says, 4  “At that time young women will dance and be glad.

Young men and old men will rejoice. 5 

I will turn their grief into gladness.

I will give them comfort and joy in place of their sorrow.

31:14 I will provide the priests with abundant provisions. 6 

My people will be filled to the full with the good things I provide.”

31:15 The Lord says,

A sound is heard in Ramah, 7 

a sound of crying in bitter grief.

It is the sound of Rachel weeping for her children

and refusing to be comforted, because her children are gone.” 8 

31:16 The Lord says to her, 9 

“Stop crying! Do not shed any more tears! 10 

For your heartfelt repentance 11  will be rewarded.

Your children will return from the land of the enemy.

I, the Lord, affirm it! 12 

31:17 Indeed, there is hope for your posterity. 13 

Your children will return to their own territory.

I, the Lord, affirm it! 14 

31:18 I have indeed 15  heard the people of Israel 16  say mournfully,

We were like a calf untrained to the yoke. 17 

You disciplined us and we learned from it. 18 

Let us come back to you and we will do so, 19 

for you are the Lord our God.

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