Bible: Jeremiah 27:6-15

27:6 I have at this time placed all these nations of yours under the power 1  of my servant, 2  King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. I have even made all the wild animals subject to him. 3  27:7 All nations must serve him and his son and grandson 4  until the time comes for his own nation to fall. 5  Then many nations and great kings will in turn subjugate Babylon. 6  27:8 But suppose a nation or a kingdom will not be subject to King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. Suppose it will not submit to the yoke of servitude to 7  him. I, the Lord, affirm that 8  I will punish that nation. I will use the king of Babylon to punish it 9  with war, 10  starvation, and disease until I have destroyed it. 11  27:9 So do not listen to your prophets or to those who claim to predict the future by divination, 12  by dreams, by consulting the dead, 13  or by practicing magic. They keep telling you, ‘You do not need to be 14  subject to the king of Babylon.’ 27:10 Do not listen to them, 15  because their prophecies are lies. 16  Listening to them will only cause you 17  to be taken far away from your native land. I will drive you out of your country and you will die in exile. 18  27:11 Things will go better for the nation that submits to the yoke of servitude to 19  the king of Babylon and is subject to him. I will leave that nation 20  in its native land. Its people can continue to farm it and live in it. I, the Lord, affirm it!”’ 21 

27:12 I told King Zedekiah of Judah the same thing. I said, 22 Submit 23  to the yoke of servitude to 24  the king of Babylon. Be subject to him and his people. Then you will continue to live. 27:13 There is no reason why you and your people should die in war 25  or from starvation or disease! 26  That’s what the Lord says will happen to any nation 27  that will not be subject to the king of Babylon. 27:14 Do not listen to the prophets who are telling you that you do not need to serve 28  the king of Babylon. For they are prophesying lies to you. 27:15 For I, the Lord, affirm 29  that I did not send them. They are prophesying lies to you. If you 30  listen to them, I will drive you and the prophets who are prophesying lies out of the land and you will all die in exile.” 31 

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