Bible: Jeremiah 21:11-14

Warnings to the Royal Court

21:11 The Lord told me to say 1  to the royal court 2  of Judah,

Listen to what the Lord says,

21:12 O royal family descended from David. 3 

The Lord says:

‘See to it that people each day 4  are judged fairly. 5 

Deliver those who have been robbed from those 6  who oppress them.

Otherwise, my wrath will blaze out against you.

It will burn like a fire that cannot be put out

because of the evil that you have done. 7 

21:13 Listen, you 8  who sit enthroned above the valley on a rocky plateau.

I am opposed to you,’ 9  says the Lord. 10 

‘You boast, “No one can swoop down on us.

No one can penetrate into our places of refuge.” 11 

21:14 But I will punish you as your deeds deserve,’

says the Lord. 12 

‘I will set fire to your palace;

it will burn up everything around it.’ 13 

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