Bible: Jeremiah 12:14-17

12:14I, the Lord, also have something to say concerning 1  the wicked nations who surround my land 2  and have attacked and plundered 3  the land that I gave to my people as a permanent possession. 4  I say: ‘I will uproot the people of those nations from their lands and I will free the people of Judah who have been taken there. 5  12:15 But after I have uprooted the people of those nations, I will relent 6  and have pity on them. I will restore the people of each of those nations to their own lands 7  and to their own country. 12:16 But they must make sure you learn to follow the religious practices of my people. 8  Once they taught my people to swear their oaths using the name of the god Baal. 9  But then, they must swear oaths using my name, saying, “As surely as the Lord lives, I swear.” 10  If they do these things, 11  then they will be included among the people I call my own. 12  12:17 But I will completely uproot and destroy any of those nations that will not pay heed,’” 13  says the Lord.

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