Bible: Jeremiah 12:1-5

12:1 Lord, you have always been fair

whenever I have complained to you. 1 

However, I would like to speak with you about the disposition of justice. 2 

Why are wicked people successful? 3 

Why do all dishonest people have such easy lives?

12:2 You plant them like trees and they put down their roots. 4 

They grow prosperous and are very fruitful. 5 

They always talk about you,

but they really care nothing about you. 6 

12:3 But you, Lord, know all about me.

You watch me and test my devotion to you. 7 

Drag these wicked men away like sheep to be slaughtered!

Appoint a time when they will be killed! 8 

12:4 How long must the land be parched 9 

and the grass in every field be withered?

How long 10  must the animals and the birds die

because of the wickedness of the people who live in this land? 11 

For these people boast,

God 12  will not see what happens to us.” 13 

12:5 The Lord answered, 14 

“If you have raced on foot against men and they have worn you out,

how will you be able to compete with horses?

And if you feel secure only 15  in safe and open country, 16 

how will you manage in the thick undergrowth along the Jordan River? 17 

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