Bible: Jer 8:1-3

8:1 The Lord says, “When that time comes, 1  the bones of the kings of Judah and its leaders, the bones of the priests and prophets and of all the other people who lived in Jerusalem will be dug up from their graves. 8:2 They will be spread out and exposed to the sun, the moon and the stars. 2  These are things they 3  adored and served, things to which they paid allegiance, 4  from which they sought guidance, and worshiped. The bones of these people 5  will never be regathered and reburied. They will be like manure used to fertilize the ground. 6  8:3 However, I will leave some of these wicked people alive and banish them to other places. But wherever these people who survive may go, they will wish they had died rather than lived,” 7  says the Lord who rules over all. 8 

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