Bible: Jer 51:33-58

51:33 For the Lord God of Israel who rules over all says,

‘Fair Babylon 1  will be like a threshing floor

which has been trampled flat for harvest.

The time for her to be cut down and harvested

will come very soon.’ 2 

51:34King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon

devoured me and drove my people out.

Like a monster from the deep he swallowed me.

He filled his belly with my riches.

He made me an empty dish.

He completely cleaned me out.” 3 

51:35 The person who lives in Zion says,

May Babylon pay for the violence done to me and to my relatives.”

Jerusalem says,

May those living in Babylonia pay for the bloodshed of my people.” 4 

51:36 Therefore the Lord says,

I will stand up for your cause.

I will pay the Babylonians back for what they have done to you. 5 

I will dry up their sea.

I will make their springs run dry. 6 

51:37 Babylon will become a heap of ruins.

Jackals will make their home there. 7 

It will become an object of horror and of hissing scorn,

a place where no one lives. 8 

51:38 The Babylonians are all like lions roaring for prey.

They are like lion cubs growling for something to eat. 9 

51:39 When their appetites are all stirred up, 10 

I will set out a banquet for them.

I will make them drunk

so that they will pass out, 11 

they will fall asleep forever,

they will never wake up,” 12 

says the Lord. 13 

51:40I will lead them off to be slaughtered

like lambs, rams, and male goats.” 14 

51:41See how Babylon 15  has been captured!

See how the pride of the whole earth has been taken!

See what an object of horror

Babylon has become among the nations! 16 

51:42 The sea has swept over Babylon.

She has been covered by a multitude 17  of its waves. 18 

51:43 The towns of Babylonia have become heaps of ruins.

She has become a dry and barren desert.

No one lives in those towns any more.

No one even passes through them. 19 

51:44 I will punish the god Bel in Babylon.

I will make him spit out what he has swallowed.

The nations will not come streaming to him any longer.

Indeed, the walls of Babylon will fall.” 20 

51:45Get out of Babylon, my people!

Flee to save your lives

from the fierce anger of the Lord! 21 

51:46 Do not lose your courage or become afraid

because of the reports that are heard in the land.

For a report will come in one year.

Another report will follow it in the next.

There will be violence in the land

with ruler fighting against ruler.”

51:47So the time will certainly come 22 

when I will punish the idols of Babylon.

Her whole land will be put to shame.

All her mortally wounded will collapse in her midst. 23 

51:48 Then heaven and earth and all that is in them

will sing for joy over Babylon.

For destroyers from the north will attack it,”

says the Lord. 24 

51:49Babylon must fall 25 

because of the Israelites she has killed, 26 

just as the earth’s mortally wounded fell

because of Babylon. 27 

51:50 You who have escaped the sword, 28 

go, do not delay. 29 

Remember the Lord in a faraway land.

Think about Jerusalem. 30 

51:51We 31  are ashamed because we have been insulted. 32 

Our faces show our disgrace. 33 

For foreigners have invaded

the holy rooms 34  in the Lord’s temple.’

51:52 Yes, but the time will certainly come,” 35  says the Lord, 36 

“when I will punish her idols.

Throughout her land the mortally wounded will groan.

51:53 Even if Babylon climbs high into the sky 37 

and fortifies her elevated stronghold, 38 

I will send destroyers against her,” 39 

says the Lord. 40 

51:54 Cries of anguish will come from Babylon,

the sound of great destruction from the land of the Babylonians.

51:55 For the Lord is ready to destroy Babylon,

and put an end to her loud noise.

Their waves 41  will roar like turbulent 42  waters.

They will make a deafening noise. 43 

51:56 For a destroyer is attacking Babylon. 44 

Her warriors will be captured;

their bows will be broken. 45 

For the Lord is a God who punishes; 46 

he pays back in full. 47 

51:57I will make her officials and wise men drunk,

along with her governors, leaders, 48  and warriors.

They will fall asleep forever and never wake up,” 49 

says the King whose name is the Lord who rules over all. 50 

51:58 This is what the Lord who rules over all 51  says,

“Babylon’s thick wall 52  will be completely demolished. 53 

Her high gates will be set on fire.

The peoples strive for what does not satisfy. 54 

The nations grow weary trying to get what will be destroyed.” 55 

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