Bible: Jer 33:9-15

33:9 All the nations will hear about all the good things which I will do to them. This city will bring me fame, honor, and praise before them for the joy that I bring it. The nations will tremble in awe at all the peace and prosperity that I will provide for it.’ 1 

33:10I, the Lord, say: 2  ‘You and your people are saying 3  about this place, “It lies in ruins. There are no people or animals in it.” That is true. The towns of Judah and the streets of Jerusalem 4  will soon be desolate, uninhabited either by people or by animals. But happy sounds will again be heard in these places. 33:11 Once again there will be sounds 5  of joy and gladness and the glad celebrations of brides and grooms. 6  Once again people will bring their thank offerings to the temple of the Lord and will say, “Give thanks to the Lord who rules over all. For the Lord is good and his unfailing love lasts forever.” 7  For I, the Lord, affirm 8  that I will restore the land to what it was 9  in days of old.’ 10 

33:12I, the Lord who rules over all, say: 11  ‘This place will indeed lie in ruins. There will be no people or animals in it. But there will again be in it and in its towns sheepfolds where shepherds can rest their sheep. 33:13 I, the Lord, say that shepherds will once again count their sheep as they pass into the fold. 12  They will do this in all the towns in the southern hill country, the western foothills, the southern hill country, the territory of Benjamin, the villages surrounding Jerusalem, and the towns of Judah.’ 13 

The Lord Reaffirms His Covenant with David, Israel, and Levi

33:14I, the Lord, affirm: 14  ‘The time will certainly come when I will fulfill my gracious promise concerning the nations of Israel and Judah. 15  33:15 In those days and at that time I will raise up for them a righteous descendant 16  of David.

‘He will do what is just and right in the land.

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