Bible: Jer 30:7-11

30:7 Alas, what a terrible time of trouble it is! 1 

There has never been any like it.

It is a time of trouble for the descendants of Jacob,

but some of them will be rescued out of it. 2 

30:8 When the time for them to be rescued comes,” 3 

says the Lord who rules over all, 4 

“I will rescue you from foreign subjugation. 5 

I will deliver you from captivity. 6 

Foreigners will then no longer subjugate them.

30:9 But they will be subject 7  to the Lord their God

and to the Davidic ruler whom I will raise up as king over them. 8 

30:10 So I, the Lord, tell you not to be afraid,

you descendants of Jacob, my servants. 9 

Do not be terrified, people of Israel.

For I will rescue you and your descendants

from a faraway land where you are captives. 10 

The descendants of Jacob will return to their land and enjoy peace.

They will be secure and no one will terrify them. 11 

30:11 For I, the Lord, affirm 12  that

I will be with you and will rescue you.

I will completely destroy all the nations where I scattered you.

But I will not completely destroy you.

I will indeed discipline you, but only in due measure.

I will not allow you to go entirely unpunished.” 13 

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