Bible: Jer 26:8-15

26:8 Jeremiah had just barely finished saying all the Lord had commanded him to say to all the people. All at once some 1  of the priests, the prophets, and the people grabbed him and shouted, “You deserve to die! 2  26:9 How dare you claim the Lord’s authority to prophesy such things! How dare you claim his authority to prophesy that this temple will become like Shiloh and that this city will become an uninhabited ruin!” 3  Then all the people crowded around Jeremiah.

26:10 However, some of the officials 4  of Judah heard about what was happening 5  and they rushed up to the Lord’s temple from the royal palace. They set up court 6  at the entrance of the New Gate of the Lord’s temple. 7  26:11 Then the priests and the prophets made their charges before the officials and all the people. They said, 8 This man should be condemned to die 9  because he prophesied against this city. You have heard him do so 10  with your own ears.”

26:12 Then Jeremiah made his defense before all the officials and all the people. 11 The Lord sent me to prophesy everything you have heard me say against this temple and against this city. 26:13 But correct the way you have been living and do what is right. 12  Obey the Lord your God. If you do, the Lord will forgo destroying you as he threatened he would. 13  26:14 As to my case, I am in your power. 14  Do to me what you deem fair and proper. 26:15 But you should take careful note of this: If you put me to death, you will bring on yourselves and this city and those who live in it the guilt of murdering an innocent man. For the Lord has sent me to speak all this where you can hear it. That is the truth! 15 

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