Bible: Jer 25:31-33

25:31 The sounds of battle 1  will resound to the ends of the earth.

For the Lord will bring charges against the nations. 2 

He will pass judgment on all humankind

and will hand the wicked over to be killed in war.’ 3 

The Lord so affirms it! 4 

25:32 The Lord who rules over all 5  says,

‘Disaster will soon come on one nation after another. 6 

A mighty storm of military destruction 7  is rising up

from the distant parts of the earth.’

25:33 Those who have been killed by the Lord at that time

will be scattered from one end of the earth to the other.

They will not be mourned over, gathered up, or buried. 8 

Their dead bodies will lie scattered over the ground like manure.

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