Bible: Jer 2:9-13

The Lord Charges Contemporary Israel with Spiritual Adultery

2:9So, once more I will state my case 1  against you,” says the Lord.

“I will also state it against your children and grandchildren. 2 

2:10 Go west 3  across the sea to the coasts of Cyprus 4  and see.

Send someone east to Kedar 5  and have them look carefully.

See if such a thing as this has ever happened:

2:11 Has a nation ever changed its gods

(even though they are not really gods at all)?

But my people have exchanged me, their glorious God, 6 

for a god that cannot help them at all! 7 

2:12 Be amazed at this, O heavens! 8 

Be shocked and utterly dumbfounded,”

says the Lord.

2:13Do so because my people have committed a double wrong:

they have rejected me,

the fountain of life-giving water, 9 

and they have dug cisterns for themselves,

cracked cisterns which cannot even hold water.”

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