Bible: Jer 2:4-13

The Lord Reminds Them of the Unfaithfulness of Their Ancestors

2:4 Now listen to what the Lord has to say, you descendants 1  of Jacob,

all you family groups from the nation 2  of Israel.

2:5 This is what the Lord says:

“What fault could your ancestors 3  have possibly found in me

that they strayed so far from me? 4 

They paid allegiance to 5  worthless idols, and so became worthless to me. 6 

2:6 They did not ask:

‘Where is the Lord who delivered us out of Egypt,

who brought us through the wilderness,

through a land of desert sands and rift valleys,

through a land of drought and deep darkness, 7 

through a land in which no one travels,

and where no one lives?’ 8 

2:7 I brought you 9  into a fertile land

so you could enjoy 10  its fruits and its rich bounty.

But when you entered my land, you defiled it; 11 

you made the land I call my own 12  loathsome to me.

2:8 Your priests 13  did not ask, ‘Where is the Lord?’ 14 

Those responsible for teaching my law 15  did not really know me. 16 

Your rulers rebelled against me.

Your prophets prophesied in the name of the god Baal. 17 

They all worshiped idols that could not help them. 18 

The Lord Charges Contemporary Israel with Spiritual Adultery

2:9So, once more I will state my case 19  against you,” says the Lord.

“I will also state it against your children and grandchildren. 20 

2:10 Go west 21  across the sea to the coasts of Cyprus 22  and see.

Send someone east to Kedar 23  and have them look carefully.

See if such a thing as this has ever happened:

2:11 Has a nation ever changed its gods

(even though they are not really gods at all)?

But my people have exchanged me, their glorious God, 24 

for a god that cannot help them at all! 25 

2:12 Be amazed at this, O heavens! 26 

Be shocked and utterly dumbfounded,”

says the Lord.

2:13Do so because my people have committed a double wrong:

they have rejected me,

the fountain of life-giving water, 27 

and they have dug cisterns for themselves,

cracked cisterns which cannot even hold water.”

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