Bible: Jer 18:19-23

18:19 Then I said, 1 

Lord, pay attention to me.

Listen to what my enemies are saying. 2 

18:20 Should good be paid back with evil?

Yet they are virtually digging a pit to kill me. 3 

Just remember how I stood before you

pleading on their behalf 4 

to keep you from venting your anger on them. 5 

18:21 So let their children die of starvation.

Let them be cut down by the sword. 6 

Let their wives lose their husbands and children.

Let the older men die of disease 7 

and the younger men die by the sword in battle.

18:22 Let cries of terror be heard in their houses

when you send bands of raiders unexpectedly to plunder them. 8 

For they have virtually dug a pit to capture me

and have hidden traps for me to step into.

18:23 But you, Lord, know

all their plots to kill me.

Do not pardon their crimes!

Do not ignore their sins as though you had erased them! 9 

Let them be brought down in defeat before you!

Deal with them while you are still angry! 10 

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