Bible: Jer 10:3-9

10:3 For the religion 1  of these people is worthless.

They cut down a tree in the forest,

and a craftsman makes it into an idol with his tools. 2 

10:4 He decorates it with overlays of silver and gold.

He uses hammer and nails to fasten it 3  together

so that it will not fall over.

10:5 Such idols are like scarecrows in a cucumber field.

They cannot talk.

They must be carried

because they cannot walk.

Do not be afraid of them

because they cannot hurt you.

And they do not have any power to help you.” 4 

10:6 I said, 5 

“There is no one like you, Lord. 6 

You are great.

And you are renowned for your power. 7 

10:7 Everyone should revere you, O King of all nations, 8 

because you deserve to be revered. 9 

For there is no one like you

among any of the wise people of the nations nor among any of their kings. 10 

10:8 The people of those nations 11  are both stupid and foolish.

Instruction from a wooden idol is worthless! 12 

10:9 Hammered-out silver is brought from Tarshish 13 

and gold is brought from Uphaz 14  to cover those idols. 15 

They are the handiwork of carpenters and goldsmiths. 16 

They are clothed in blue and purple clothes. 17 

They are all made by skillful workers. 18 

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