Bible: Isaiah 60-66

Zion’s Future Splendor

60:1Arise! Shine! For your light arrives!

The splendor 1  of the Lord shines on you!

60:2 For, look, darkness covers the earth

and deep darkness covers 2  the nations,

but the Lord shines on you;

his splendor 3  appears over you.

60:3 Nations come to your light,

kings to your bright light.

60:4 Look all around you! 4 

They all gather and come to you –

your sons come from far away

and your daughters are escorted by guardians.

60:5 Then you will look and smile, 5 

you will be excited and your heart will swell with pride. 6 

For the riches of distant lands 7  will belong to you

and the wealth of nations will come to you.

60:6 Camel caravans will cover your roads, 8 

young camels from Midian and Ephah.

All the merchants of Sheba 9  will come,

bringing gold and incense

and singing praises to the Lord. 10 

60:7 All the sheep of Kedar will be gathered to you;

the rams of Nebaioth will be available to you as sacrifices. 11 

They will go up on my altar acceptably, 12 

and I will bestow honor on my majestic temple.

60:8 Who are these who float along 13  like a cloud,

who fly like doves to their shelters? 14 

60:9 Indeed, the coastlands 15  look eagerly for me,

the large ships 16  are in the lead,

bringing your sons from far away,

along with their silver and gold,

to honor the Lord your God, 17 

the Holy One of Israel, 18  for he has bestowed honor on you.

60:10 Foreigners will rebuild your walls;

their kings will serve you.

Even though I struck you down in my anger,

I will restore my favor and have compassion on you. 19 

60:11 Your gates will remain open at all times;

they will not be shut during the day or at night,

so that the wealth of nations may be delivered,

with their kings leading the way. 20 

60:12 Indeed, 21  nations or kingdoms that do not serve you will perish;

such nations will be totally destroyed. 22 

60:13 The splendor of Lebanon will come to you,

its evergreens, firs, and cypresses together,

to beautify my palace; 23 

I will bestow honor on my throne room. 24 

60:14 The children of your oppressors will come bowing to you;

all who treated you with disrespect will bow down at your feet.

They will call you, ‘The City of the Lord,

Zion of the Holy One of Israel.’ 25 

60:15 You were once abandoned

and despised, with no one passing through,

but I will make you 26  a permanent source of pride

and joy to coming generations.

60:16 You will drink the milk of nations;

you will nurse at the breasts of kings. 27 

Then you will recognize that I, the Lord, am your deliverer,

your protector, 28  the powerful ruler of Jacob. 29 

60:17 Instead of bronze, I will bring you gold,

instead of iron, I will bring you silver,

instead of wood, I will bring you 30  bronze,

instead of stones, I will bring you 31  iron.

I will make prosperity 32  your overseer,

and vindication your sovereign ruler. 33 

60:18 Sounds of violence 34  will no longer be heard in your land,

or the sounds of 35  destruction and devastation within your borders.

You will name your walls, ‘Deliverance,’

and your gates, ‘Praise.’

60:19 The sun will no longer supply light for you by day,

nor will the moon’s brightness shine on you;

the Lord will be your permanent source of light

the splendor of your God will shine upon you. 36 

60:20 Your sun will no longer set;

your moon will not disappear; 37 

the Lord will be your permanent source of light;

your time 38  of sorrow will be over.

60:21 All of your people will be godly; 39 

they will possess the land permanently.

I will plant them like a shoot;

they will be the product of my labor,

through whom I reveal my splendor. 40 

60:22 The least of you will multiply into 41  a thousand;

the smallest of you will become a large nation.

When the right time comes, I the Lord will quickly do this! 42 

The Lord Will Rejuvenate His People

61:1 The spirit of the sovereign Lord is upon me,

because the Lord has chosen 43  me. 44 

He has commissioned 45  me to encourage 46  the poor,

to help 47  the brokenhearted,

to decree the release of captives,

and the freeing of prisoners,

61:2 to announce the year when the Lord will show his favor,

the day when our God will seek vengeance, 48 

to console all who mourn,

61:3 to strengthen those who mourn in Zion,

by giving them a turban, instead of ashes,

oil symbolizing joy, 49  instead of mourning,

a garment symbolizing praise, 50  instead of discouragement. 51 

They will be called oaks of righteousness, 52 

trees planted by the Lord to reveal his splendor. 53 

61:4 They will rebuild the perpetual ruins

and restore the places that were desolate; 54 

they will reestablish the ruined cities,

the places that have been desolate since ancient times.

61:5 55 Foreigners will take care of 56  your sheep;

foreigners will work in your fields and vineyards.

61:6 You will be called, ‘the Lord’s priests,

servants of our God.’ 57 

You will enjoy 58  the wealth of nations

and boast about 59  the riches you receive from them. 60 

61:7 Instead of shame, you will get a double portion; 61 

instead of humiliation, they will rejoice over the land they receive. 62 

Yes, 63  they will possess a double portion in their land

and experience lasting joy.

61:8 For I, the Lord, love justice

and hate robbery and sin.

I will repay them because of my faithfulness; 64 

I will make a permanent covenant with them.

61:9 Their descendants will be known among the nations,

their offspring among the peoples.

All who see them will recognize that

the Lord has blessed them.” 65 

61:10 I 66  will greatly rejoice 67  in the Lord;

I will be overjoyed because of my God. 68 

For he clothes me in garments of deliverance;

he puts on me a robe symbolizing vindication. 69 

I look like a bridegroom when he wears a turban as a priest would;

I look like a bride when she puts on her jewelry. 70 

61:11 For just as the ground produces its crops

and a garden yields its produce,

so the sovereign Lord will cause deliverance 71  to grow,

and give his people reason to praise him in the sight of all the nations. 72 

The Lord Takes Delight in Zion

62:1For the sake of Zion I will not be silent;

for the sake of Jerusalem 73  I will not be quiet,

until her vindication shines brightly 74 

and her deliverance burns like a torch.”

62:2 Nations will see your vindication,

and all kings your splendor.

You will be called by a new name

that the Lord himself will give you. 75 

62:3 You will be a majestic crown in the hand of the Lord,

a royal turban in the hand of your God.

62:4 You will no longer be called, “Abandoned,”

and your land will no longer be called “Desolate.”

Indeed, 76  you will be called “My Delight is in Her,” 77 

and your land “Married.” 78 

For the Lord will take delight in you,

and your land will be married to him. 79 

62:5 As a young man marries a young woman,

so your sons 80  will marry you.

As a bridegroom rejoices over a bride,

so your God will rejoice over you.

62:6 I 81  post watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem;

they should keep praying all day and all night. 82 

You who pray to 83  the Lord, don’t be silent!

62:7 Don’t allow him to rest until he reestablishes Jerusalem, 84 

until he makes Jerusalem the pride 85  of the earth.

62:8 The Lord swears an oath by his right hand,

by his strong arm: 86 

“I will never again give your grain

to your enemies as food,

and foreigners will not drink your wine,

which you worked hard to produce.

62:9 But those who harvest the grain 87  will eat it,

and will praise the Lord.

Those who pick the grapes will drink the wine 88 

in the courts of my holy sanctuary.”

62:10 Come through! Come through the gates!

Prepare the way for the people!

Build it! Build the roadway!

Remove the stones!

Lift a signal flag for the nations!

62:11 Look, the Lord announces to the entire earth: 89 

“Say to Daughter Zion,

Look, your deliverer comes!

Look, his reward is with him

and his reward goes before him!’ 90 

62:12 They will be called, “The Holy People,

the Ones Protected 91  by the Lord.”

You will be called, “Sought After,

City Not Abandoned.”

The Victorious Divine Warrior

63:1 Who is this who comes from Edom, 92 

dressed in bright red, coming from Bozrah? 93 

Who 94  is this one wearing royal attire, 95 

who marches confidently 96  because of his great strength?

“It is I, the one who announces vindication,

and who is able to deliver! 97 

63:2 Why are your clothes red?

Why do you look like someone who has stomped on grapes in a vat? 98 

63:3I have stomped grapes in the winepress all by myself;

no one from the nations joined me.

I stomped on them 99  in my anger;

I trampled them down in my rage.

Their juice splashed on my garments,

and stained 100  all my clothes.

63:4 For I looked forward to the day of vengeance,

and then payback time arrived. 101 

63:5 I looked, but there was no one to help;

I was shocked because there was no one offering support. 102 

So my right arm accomplished deliverance;

my raging anger drove me on. 103 

63:6 I trampled nations in my anger,

I made them drunk 104  in my rage,

I splashed their blood on the ground.” 105 

A Prayer for Divine Intervention

63:7 I will tell of the faithful acts of the Lord,

of the Lord’s praiseworthy deeds.

I will tell about all 106  the Lord did for us,

the many good things he did for the family of Israel, 107 

because of 108  his compassion and great faithfulness.

63:8 He said, “Certainly they will be my people,

children who are not disloyal.” 109 

He became their deliverer.

63:9 Through all that they suffered, he suffered too. 110 

The messenger sent from his very presence 111  delivered them.

In his love and mercy he protected 112  them;

he lifted them up and carried them throughout ancient times. 113 

63:10 But they rebelled and offended 114  his holy Spirit, 115 

so he turned into an enemy

and fought against them.

63:11 His people remembered the ancient times. 116 

Where is the one who brought them up out of the sea,

along with the shepherd of 117  his flock?

Where is the one who placed his holy Spirit among them, 118 

63:12 the one who made his majestic power available to Moses, 119 

who divided the water before them,

gaining for himself a lasting reputation, 120 

63:13 who led them through the deep water?

Like a horse running on flat land 121  they did not stumble.

63:14 Like an animal that goes down into a valley to graze, 122 

so the Spirit of the Lord granted them rest.

In this way 123  you guided your people,

gaining for yourself an honored reputation. 124 

63:15 Look down from heaven and take notice,

from your holy, majestic palace!

Where are your zeal 125  and power?

Do not hold back your tender compassion! 126 

63:16 For you are our father,

though Abraham does not know us

and Israel does not recognize us.

You, Lord, are our father;

you have been called our protector from ancient times. 127 

63:17 Why, Lord, do you make us stray 128  from your ways, 129 

and make our minds stubborn so that we do not obey you? 130 

Return for the sake of your servants,

the tribes of your inheritance!

63:18 For a short time your special 131  nation possessed a land, 132 

but then our adversaries knocked down 133  your holy sanctuary.

63:19 We existed from ancient times, 134 

but you did not rule over them,

they were not your subjects. 135 

64:1 136  If only you would tear apart the sky 137  and come down!

The mountains would tremble 138  before you!

64:2 As when fire ignites dry wood,

or fire makes water boil,

let your adversaries know who you are, 139 

and may the nations shake at your presence!

64:3 When you performed awesome deeds that took us by surprise, 140 

you came down, and the mountains trembled 141  before you.

64:4 Since ancient times no one has heard or perceived, 142 

no eye has seen any God besides you,

who intervenes for those who wait for him.

64:5 You assist 143  those who delight in doing what is right, 144 

who observe your commandments. 145 

Look, you were angry because we violated them continually.

How then can we be saved? 146 

64:6 We are all like one who is unclean,

all our so-called righteous acts are like a menstrual rag in your sight. 147 

We all wither like a leaf;

our sins carry us away like the wind.

64:7 No one invokes 148  your name,

or makes an effort 149  to take hold of you.

For you have rejected us 150 

and handed us over to our own sins. 151 

64:8 Yet, 152  Lord, you are our father.

We are the clay, and you are our potter;

we are all the product of your labor. 153 

64:9 Lord, do not be too angry!

Do not hold our sins against us continually! 154 

Take a good look at your people, at all of us! 155 

64:10 Your chosen 156  cities have become a desert;

Zion has become a desert,

Jerusalem 157  is a desolate ruin.

64:11 Our holy temple, our pride and joy, 158 

the place where our ancestors praised you,

has been burned with fire;

all our prized possessions have been destroyed. 159 

64:12 In light of all this, 160  how can you still hold back, Lord?

How can you be silent and continue to humiliate us?

The Lord Will Distinguish Between Sinners and the Godly

65:1I made myself available to those who did not ask for me; 161 

I appeared to those who did not look for me. 162 

I said, ‘Here I am! Here I am!’

to a nation that did not invoke 163  my name.

65:2 I spread out my hands all day long

to my rebellious people,

who lived in a way that is morally unacceptable,

and who did what they desired. 164 

65:3 These people continually and blatantly offend me 165 

as they sacrifice in their sacred orchards 166 

and burn incense on brick altars. 167 

65:4 They sit among the tombs 168 

and keep watch all night long. 169 

They eat pork, 170 

and broth 171  from unclean sacrificial meat is in their pans.

65:5 They say, ‘Keep to yourself!

Don’t get near me, for I am holier than you!’

These people are like smoke in my nostrils,

like a fire that keeps burning all day long.

65:6 Look, I have decreed: 172 

I will not keep silent, but will pay them back;

I will pay them back exactly what they deserve, 173 

65:7 for your sins and your ancestorssins,” 174  says the Lord.

“Because they burned incense on the mountains

and offended 175  me on the hills,

I will punish them in full measure.” 176 

65:8 This is what the Lord says:

“When 177  juice is discovered in a cluster of grapes,

someone says, ‘Don’t destroy it, for it contains juice.’ 178 

So I will do for the sake of my servants

I will not destroy everyone. 179 

65:9 I will bring forth descendants from Jacob,

and from Judah people to take possession of my mountains.

My chosen ones will take possession of the land; 180 

my servants will live there.

65:10 Sharon 181  will become a pasture for sheep,

and the Valley of Achor 182  a place where cattle graze; 183 

they will belong to my people, who seek me. 184 

65:11 But as for you who abandon the Lord

and forget about worshiping at 185  my holy mountain,

who prepare a feast for the god called ‘Fortune,’ 186 

and fill up wine jugs for the god called ‘Destiny 187 

65:12 I predestine you to die by the sword, 188 

all of you will kneel down at the slaughtering block, 189 

because I called to you, and you did not respond,

I spoke and you did not listen.

You did evil before me; 190 

you chose to do what displeases me.”

65:13 So this is what the sovereign Lord says:

“Look, my servants will eat, but you will be hungry!

Look, my servants will drink, but you will be thirsty!

Look, my servants will rejoice, but you will be humiliated!

65:14 Look, my servants will shout for joy as happiness fills their hearts! 191 

But you will cry out as sorrow fills your hearts; 192 

you will wail because your spirits will be crushed. 193 

65:15 Your names will live on in the curse formulas of my chosen ones. 194 

The sovereign Lord will kill you,

but he will give his servants another name.

65:16 Whoever pronounces a blessing in the earth 195 

will do so in the name of the faithful God; 196 

whoever makes an oath in the earth

will do so in the name of the faithful God. 197 

For past problems will be forgotten;

I will no longer think about them. 198 

65:17 For look, I am ready to create

new heavens and a new earth! 199 

The former ones 200  will not be remembered;

no one will think about them anymore. 201 

65:18 But be happy and rejoice forevermore

over what I am about to create!

For look, I am ready to create Jerusalem 202  to be a source of joy, 203 

and her people to be a source of happiness. 204 

65:19 Jerusalem will bring me joy,

and my people will bring me happiness. 205 

The sound of weeping or cries of sorrow

will never be heard in her again.

65:20 Never again will one of her infants live just a few days 206 

or an old man die before his time. 207 

Indeed, no one will die before the age of a hundred, 208 

anyone who fails to reach 209  the age of a hundred will be considered cursed.

65:21 They will build houses and live in them;

they will plant vineyards and eat their fruit.

65:22 No longer will they build a house only to have another live in it, 210 

or plant a vineyard only to have another eat its fruit, 211 

for my people will live as long as trees, 212 

and my chosen ones will enjoy to the fullest what they have produced. 213 

65:23 They will not work in vain,

or give birth to children that will experience disaster. 214 

For the Lord will bless their children

and their descendants. 215 

65:24 Before they even call out, 216  I will respond;

while they are still speaking, I will hear.

65:25 A wolf and a lamb will graze together; 217 

a lion, like an ox, will eat straw, 218 

and a snake’s food will be dirt. 219 

They will no longer injure or destroy

on my entire royal mountain,” 220  says the Lord.

66:1 This is what the Lord says:

“The heavens are my throne

and the earth is my footstool.

Where then is the house you will build for me?

Where is the place where I will rest?

66:2 My hand made them; 221 

that is how they came to be,” 222  says the Lord.

I show special favor 223  to the humble and contrite,

who respect what I have to say. 224 

66:3 The one who slaughters a bull also strikes down a man; 225 

the one who sacrifices a lamb also breaks a dog’s neck; 226 

the one who presents an offering includes pig’s blood with it; 227 

the one who offers incense also praises an idol. 228 

They have decided to behave this way; 229 

they enjoy these disgusting practices. 230 

66:4 So I will choose severe punishment 231  for them;

I will bring on them what they dread,

because I called, and no one responded,

I spoke and they did not listen.

They did evil before me; 232 

they chose to do what displeases me.”

66:5 Hear the word of the Lord,

you who respect what he has to say! 233 

Your countrymen, 234  who hate you

and exclude you, supposedly for the sake of my name,

say, “May the Lord be glorified,

then we will witness your joy.” 235 

But they will be put to shame.

66:6 The sound of battle comes from the city;

the sound comes from the temple!

It is the sound of the Lord paying back his enemies.

66:7 Before she goes into labor, she gives birth!

Before her contractions begin, she delivers a boy!

66:8 Who has ever heard of such a thing?

Who has ever seen this?

Can a country 236  be brought forth in one day?

Can a nation be born in a single moment?

Yet as soon as Zion goes into labor she gives birth to sons!

66:9Do I bring a baby to the birth opening and then not deliver it?”

asks the Lord.

“Or do I bring a baby to the point of delivery and then hold it back?”

asks your God. 237 

66:10 Be happy for Jerusalem

and rejoice with her, all you who love her!

Share in her great joy,

all you who have mourned over her!

66:11 For 238  you will nurse from her satisfying breasts and be nourished; 239 

you will feed with joy from her milk-filled breasts. 240 

66:12 For this is what the Lord says:

“Look, I am ready to extend to her prosperity that will flow like a river,

the riches of nations will flow into her like a stream that floods its banks. 241 

You will nurse from her breast 242  and be carried at her side;

you will play on her knees.

66:13 As a mother consoles a child, 243 

so I will console you,

and you will be consoled over Jerusalem.”

66:14 When you see this, you will be happy, 244 

and you will be revived. 245 

The Lord will reveal his power to his servants

and his anger to his enemies. 246 

66:15 For look, the Lord comes with fire,

his chariots come like a windstorm, 247 

to reveal his raging anger,

his battle cry, and his flaming arrows. 248 

66:16 For the Lord judges all humanity 249 

with fire and his sword;

the Lord will kill many. 250 

66:17As for those who consecrate and ritually purify themselves so they can follow their leader and worship in the sacred orchards, 251  those who eat the flesh of pigs and other disgusting creatures, like mice 252 they will all be destroyed together,” 253  says the Lord. 66:18 I hate their deeds and thoughts! So I am coming 254  to gather all the nations and ethnic groups; 255  they will come and witness my splendor. 66:19 I will perform a mighty act among them 256  and then send some of those who remain to the nations – to Tarshish, Pul, 257  Lud 258  (known for its archers 259 ), Tubal, Javan, 260  and to the distant coastlands 261  that have not heard about me or seen my splendor. They will tell the nations of my splendor. 66:20 They will bring back all your countrymen 262  from all the nations as an offering to the Lord. They will bring them 263  on horses, in chariots, in wagons, on mules, and on camels 264  to my holy hill Jerusalem,” says the Lord, “just as the Israelites bring offerings to the Lord’s temple in ritually pure containers. 66:21 And I will choose some of them as priests and Levites,” says the Lord. 66:22 For just as the new heavens and the new earth I am about to make will remain standing before me,” says the Lord, “so your descendants and your name will remain. 66:23 From one month 265  to the next and from one Sabbath to the next, all people 266  will come to worship me,” 267  says the Lord. 66:24 They will go out and observe the corpses of those who rebelled against me, for the maggots that eat them will not die, 268  and the fire that consumes them will not die out. 269  All people will find the sight abhorrent.” 270 

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