Bible: Isaiah 56:3-7

56:3 No foreigner who becomes a follower of 1  the Lord should say,

The Lord will certainly 2  exclude me from his people.’

The eunuch should not say,

Look, I am like a dried-up tree.’

56:4 For this is what the Lord says:

“For the eunuchs who observe my Sabbaths

and choose what pleases me

and are faithful to 3  my covenant,

56:5 I will set up within my temple and my walls a monument 4 

that will be better than sons and daughters.

I will set up a permanent monument 5  for them that will remain.

56:6 As for foreigners who become followers of 6  the Lord and serve him,

who love the name of the Lord and want to be his servants

all who observe the Sabbath and do not defile it,

and who are faithful to 7  my covenant

56:7 I will bring them to my holy mountain;

I will make them happy in the temple where people pray to me. 8 

Their burnt offerings and sacrifices will be accepted on my altar,

for my temple will be known as a temple where all nations may pray.” 9 

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