Bible: Isaiah 51:12-16

51:12I, I am the one who consoles you. 1 

Why are you afraid of mortal men,

of mere human beings who are as short-lived as grass? 2 

51:13 Why do you forget 3  the Lord, who made you,

who stretched out the sky 4 

and founded the earth?

Why do you constantly tremble all day long 5 

at the anger of the oppressor,

when he makes plans to destroy?

Where is the anger of the oppressor? 6 

51:14 The one who suffers 7  will soon be released;

he will not die in prison, 8 

he will not go hungry. 9 

51:15 I am the Lord your God,

who churns up the sea so that its waves surge.

The Lord who commands armies is his name!

Zion’s Time to Celebrate

51:16 I commission you 10  as my spokesman; 11 

I cover you with the palm of my hand, 12 

to establish 13  the sky and to found the earth,

to say to Zion, ‘You are my people.’ 14 

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