Bible: Isaiah 49:8-16

49:8 This is what the Lord says:

“At the time I decide to show my favor, I will respond to you;

in the day of deliverance I will help you;

I will protect you 1  and make you a covenant mediator for people, 2 

to rebuild 3  the land 4 

and to reassign the desolate property.

49:9 You will say 5  to the prisoners, ‘Come out,’

and to those who are in dark dungeons, 6 Emerge.’ 7 

They will graze beside the roads;

on all the slopes they will find pasture.

49:10 They will not be hungry or thirsty;

the sun’s oppressive heat will not beat down on them, 8 

for one who has compassion on them will guide them;

he will lead them to springs of water.

49:11 I will make all my mountains into a road;

I will construct my roadways.”

49:12 Look, they come from far away!

Look, some come from the north and west,

and others from the land of Sinim! 9 

49:13 Shout for joy, O sky! 10 

Rejoice, O earth!

Let the mountains give a joyful shout!

For the Lord consoles his people

and shows compassion to the 11  oppressed.

The Lord Remembers Zion

49:14Zion said, ‘The Lord has abandoned me,

the sovereign master 12  has forgotten me.’

49:15 Can a woman forget her baby who nurses at her breast? 13 

Can she withhold compassion from the child she has borne? 14 

Even if mothers 15  were to forget,

I could never forget you! 16 

49:16 Look, I have inscribed your name 17  on my palms;

your walls are constantly before me.

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