Bible: Isaiah 49:3-7

49:3 He said to me, “You are my servant,

Israel, through whom I will reveal my splendor.” 1 

49:4 But I thought, 2 I have worked in vain;

I have expended my energy for absolutely nothing.” 3 

But the Lord will vindicate me;

my God will reward me. 4 

49:5 So now the Lord says,

the one who formed me from birth 5  to be his servant

he did this 6  to restore Jacob to himself,

so that Israel might be gathered to him;

and I will be honored 7  in the Lord’s sight,

for my God is my source of strength 8 

49:6 he says, “Is it too insignificant a task for you to be my servant,

to reestablish the tribes of Jacob,

and restore the remnant 9  of Israel? 10 

I will make you a light to the nations, 11 

so you can bring 12  my deliverance to the remote regions of the earth.”

49:7 This is what the Lord,

the protector 13  of Israel, their Holy One, 14  says

to the one who is despised 15  and rejected 16  by nations, 17 

a servant of rulers:

“Kings will see and rise in respect, 18 

princes will bow down,

because of the faithful Lord,

the Holy One of Israel who has chosen you.”

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