Bible: Isaiah 47:8-11

47:8 So now, listen to this,

O one who lives so lavishly, 1 

who lives securely,

who says to herself, 2 

‘I am unique! No one can compare to me! 3 

I will never have to live as a widow;

I will never lose my children.’ 4 

47:9 Both of these will come upon you

suddenly, in one day!

You will lose your children and be widowed. 5 

You will be overwhelmed by these tragedies, 6 

despite 7  your many incantations

and your numerous amulets. 8 

47:10 You were complacent in your evil deeds; 9 

you thought, 10 No one sees me.’

Your self-professed 11  wisdom and knowledge lead you astray,

when you say, ‘I am unique! No one can compare to me!’ 12 

47:11 Disaster will overtake you;

you will not know how to charm it away. 13 

Destruction will fall on you;

you will not be able to appease it.

Calamity will strike you suddenly,

before you recognize it. 14 

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