Bible: Isaiah 32:12-20

32:12 Mourn over the field, 1 

over the delightful fields

and the fruitful vine!

32:13 Mourn 2  over the land of my people,

which is overgrown with thorns and briers,

and over all the once-happy houses 3 

in the city filled with revelry. 4 

32:14 For the fortress is neglected;

the once-crowded 5  city is abandoned.

Hill 6  and watchtower

are permanently uninhabited. 7 

Wild donkeys love to go there,

and flocks graze there. 8 

32:15 This desolation will continue until new life is poured out on us from heaven. 9 

Then the desert will become an orchard

and the orchard will be considered a forest. 10 

32:16 Justice will settle down in the desert

and fairness will live in the orchard. 11 

32:17 Fairness will produce peace 12 

and result in lasting security. 13 

32:18 My people will live in peaceful settlements,

in secure homes,

and in safe, quiet places. 14 

32:19 Even if the forest is destroyed 15 

and the city is annihilated, 16 

32:20 you will be blessed,

you who plant seed by all the banks of the streams, 17 

you who let your ox and donkey graze. 18 

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