Bible: Isaiah 23:2-12

23:2 Lament, 1  you residents of the coast,

you merchants of Sidon 2  who travel over the sea,

whose agents sail over 23:3 the deep waters! 3 

Grain from the Shihor region, 4 

crops grown near the Nile 5  she receives; 6 

she is the trade center 7  of the nations.

23:4 Be ashamed, O Sidon,

for the sea 8  says this, O fortress of the sea:

“I have not gone into labor

or given birth;

I have not raised young men

or brought up young women.” 9 

23:5 When the news reaches Egypt,

they will be shaken by what has happened to Tyre. 10 

23:6 Travel to Tarshish!

Wail, you residents of the coast!

23:7 Is this really your boisterous city 11 

whose origins are in the distant past, 12 

and whose feet led her to a distant land to reside?

23:8 Who planned this for royal Tyre, 13 

whose merchants are princes,

whose traders are the dignitaries 14  of the earth?

23:9 The Lord who commands armies planned it

to dishonor the pride that comes from all her beauty, 15 

to humiliate all the dignitaries of the earth.

23:10 Daughter Tarshish, travel back to your land, as one crosses the Nile;

there is no longer any marketplace in Tyre. 16 

23:11 The Lord stretched out his hand over the sea, 17 

he shook kingdoms;

he 18  gave the order

to destroy Canaan’s fortresses. 19 

23:12 He said,

You will no longer celebrate,

oppressed 20  virgin daughter Sidon!

Get up, travel to Cyprus,

but you will find no relief there.” 21 

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