Bible: Isaiah 10:15-19

10:15 Does an ax exalt itself over the one who wields it,

or a saw magnify itself over the one who cuts with it? 1 

As if a scepter should brandish the one who raises it,

or a staff should lift up what is not made of wood!

10:16 For this reason 2  the sovereign master, the Lord who commands armies, will make his healthy ones emaciated. 3  His majestic glory will go up in smoke. 4 

10:17 The light of Israel 5  will become a fire,

their Holy One 6  will become a flame;

it will burn and consume the Assyrian king’s 7  briers

and his thorns in one day.

10:18 The splendor of his forest and his orchard

will be completely destroyed, 8 

as when a sick man’s life ebbs away. 9 

10:19 There will be so few trees left in his forest,

a child will be able to count them. 10 

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