Bible: Isaiah 1:4-6

1:4 1 

The sinful nation is as good as dead, 2 

the people weighed down by evil deeds.

They are offspring who do wrong,

children 3  who do wicked things.

They have abandoned the Lord,

and rejected the Holy One of Israel. 4 

They are alienated from him. 5 

1:5 6 

Why do you insist on being battered?

Why do you continue to rebel? 7 

Your head has a massive wound, 8 

your whole body is weak. 9 

1:6 From the soles of your feet to your head,

there is no spot that is unharmed. 10 

There are only bruises, cuts,

and open wounds.

They have not been cleansed 11  or bandaged,

nor have they been treated 12  with olive oil. 13 

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