Bible: Isa 66:15-18

66:15 For look, the Lord comes with fire,

his chariots come like a windstorm, 1 

to reveal his raging anger,

his battle cry, and his flaming arrows. 2 

66:16 For the Lord judges all humanity 3 

with fire and his sword;

the Lord will kill many. 4 

66:17As for those who consecrate and ritually purify themselves so they can follow their leader and worship in the sacred orchards, 5  those who eat the flesh of pigs and other disgusting creatures, like mice 6 they will all be destroyed together,” 7  says the Lord. 66:18 I hate their deeds and thoughts! So I am coming 8  to gather all the nations and ethnic groups; 9  they will come and witness my splendor.

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