Bible: Isa 54:7-17

54:7For a short time I abandoned 1  you,

but with great compassion I will gather you.

54:8 In a burst 2  of anger I rejected you 3  momentarily,

but with lasting devotion I will have compassion on you,”

says your protector, 4  the Lord.

54:9As far as I am concerned, this is like in Noah’s time, 5 

when I vowed that the waters of Noah’s flood 6  would never again cover the earth.

In the same way I have vowed that I will not be angry at you or shout at you.

54:10 Even if the mountains are removed

and the hills displaced,

my devotion will not be removed from you,

nor will my covenant of friendship 7  be displaced,”

says the Lord, the one who has compassion on you.

54:11O afflicted one, driven away, 8  and unconsoled!

Look, I am about to set your stones in antimony

and I lay your foundation with lapis-lazuli.

54:12 I will make your pinnacles out of gems, 9 

your gates out of beryl, 10 

and your outer wall 11  out of beautiful 12  stones.

54:13 All your children will be followers of the Lord,

and your children will enjoy great prosperity. 13 

54:14 You will be reestablished when I vindicate you. 14 

You will not experience oppression; 15 

indeed, you will not be afraid.

You will not be terrified, 16 

for nothing frightening 17  will come near you.

54:15 If anyone dares to 18  challenge you, it will not be my doing!

Whoever tries to challenge you will be defeated. 19 

54:16 Look, I create the craftsman,

who fans the coals into a fire

and forges a weapon. 20 

I create the destroyer so he might devastate.

54:17 No weapon forged to be used against you will succeed;

you will refute everyone who tries to accuse you. 21 

This is what the Lord will do for his servants

I will vindicate them,” 22 

says the Lord.

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