Bible: Isa 53:10-12

53:10 Though the Lord desired to crush him and make him ill,

once restitution is made, 1 

he will see descendants and enjoy long life, 2 

and the Lord’s purpose will be accomplished through him.

53:11 Having suffered, he will reflect on his work,

he will be satisfied when he understands what he has done. 3 

“My servant 4  will acquit many, 5 

for he carried their sins. 6 

53:12 So I will assign him a portion with the multitudes, 7 

he will divide the spoils of victory with the powerful, 8 

because he willingly submitted 9  to death

and was numbered with the rebels,

when he lifted up the sin of many

and intervened 10  on behalf of the rebels.”

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