Bible: Isa 5:26-30

5:26 He lifts a signal flag for a distant nation, 1 

he whistles for it to come from the far regions of the earth.

Look, they 2  come quickly and swiftly.

5:27 None tire or stumble,

they don’t stop to nap or sleep.

They don’t loosen their belts,

or unstrap their sandals to rest. 3 

5:28 Their arrows are sharpened,

and all their bows are prepared. 4 

The hooves of their horses are hard as flint, 5 

and their chariot wheels are like a windstorm. 6 

5:29 Their roar is like a lion’s;

they roar like young lions.

They growl and seize their prey;

they drag it away and no one can come to the rescue.

5:30 At that time 7  they will growl over their prey, 8 

it will sound like sea waves crashing against rocks. 9 

One will look out over the land and see the darkness of disaster,

clouds will turn the light into darkness. 10 

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