Bible: Isa 5:21-25

5:21 Those who think they are wise are as good as dead, 1 

those who think they possess understanding. 2 

5:22 Those who are champions 3  at drinking wine are as good as dead, 4 

who display great courage when mixing strong drinks.

5:23 They pronounce the guilty innocent for a payoff,

they ignore the just cause of the innocent. 5 

5:24 Therefore, as flaming fire 6  devours straw,

and dry grass disintegrates in the flames,

so their root will rot,

and their flower will blow away like dust. 7 

For they have rejected the law of the Lord who commands armies,

they have spurned the commands 8  of the Holy One of Israel. 9 

5:25 So the Lord is furious 10  with his people;

he lifts 11  his hand and strikes them.

The mountains shake,

and corpses lie like manure 12  in the middle of the streets.

Despite all this, his anger does not subside,

and his hand is ready to strike again. 13 

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